Steering Column

1978 Corvette Steering Column Rebuild Series

1977-1982 Corvette steering columns have several advantages over the 1968-1976 units, the most notorious being the overall length of the assembly.

When compared side-by-side, the difference is obvious and significant, even though newer columns are shorter by only 2 inches. However, that small difference translates into a HUGE benefit for the driver—especially tall drivers with long arms.

In this series of articles, I chronicle the process of modifying and rebuilding a 1978 tilt and telescoping steering column that I plan to use in my 1976 Corvette.

Here are all installments of the series.
  1. Finding a used column
  2. Necessary modifications
  3. Buying parts and disassembly
  4. Removing shafts and more
  5. Replacing bearings and reassembly
  6. Installing new turn signal switch
  7. Turn signal crossover and lock plate
  8. Ignition switch and miscellaneous
  9. Steering Column Removal
  10. Installing the '78 steering column (Final Chapter)

I've also made available a pretty detailed, step-by-step, how-to article on how to replace the 1976 "Vega" steering wheel with a classic or a 1977-or-newer OEM unit.

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