Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cars & Coffee at Gateway Classic Cars | July 29, 2017

Just got home from this month's Cars & Coffee at Gateway Classic Cars of Orlando, in Lake Mary. I left before the end of the event since it looked like rain, but got caught in it a few miles down the road. Thank God the a/c works, otherwise I would've suffocated in my Vette.

I arrived at GCC early this morning in order to secure a good (read, "shaded") parking spot but this being Florida in July, it was already muggy at 8:30 am.

Above: Another C3 at today's Cars & Coffee.
The folks at Gateway always take care of everyone by providing not only a great venue, but also fresh coffee and plenty of pastries, which is greatly appreciated.

This is one of the few events I attend where I have loads of fun and gain a few pounds at the same time. Just kidding!

DJ Don of Cruisin Orlando provides great tunes and commentary for those in attendance.