Thursday, December 1, 2016

"All Corvettes are Red..." 12/1/2016

Pics of red C3 Corvettes I happen to find here and there, during my Internet surfing.

"All Corvettes are red. The rest are mistakes."
—John Heinricy | Racecar Driver and Corvette Assistant Chief Engineer (Ret.)

Monday, November 28, 2016

2016 Daytona Turkey Run

This year I was only able to attend the final day (Sunday) of the 2016 Daytona Turkey Run held at the Daytona International Speedway infield.

Between packing personal belongings while trying to find a new place to live, I simply had no time to devote to being there for all four days.

Fortunately, the 2017 Daytona Spring Turkey Run is only a few months away, as is the NCRS meet in Lakeland in January, so fun car events are always taking place somewhere in Florida.

This year I was not pre-registered for the Turkey Run, so I arrived at Gate 70 a few minutes before 7 a.m., along with about fifty others. At 7 a.m. sharp they let us in (after I paid the $20 last-day fee), and I found a good spot for my Vette.

I gave the car a once-over and snapped a few pics.

I then took a walk all the way to the Car Corral where the cars for sale are located. While walking through the field I spotted Ted Vernon of South Beach Classics (classic car dealership and TV show) with a camera crew in tow shooting footage for an upcoming episode.

While walking around a spotted a few C3s for sale as well as others in the car show area.

Needless to say, there were plenty of other interesting and amazing cars on display. I heard that there were over five thousand vehicles there, so no way to see it all in a few hours. And, in addition to the vehicles, there's the swap meet area with (I am guessing) more than a thousand sellers.

In the swap meet area, you find anything from new and used parts, part cars, accessories, memorabilia, books, magazines, collectible scale models, tires, and so much more. You can easily spend the four days the event lasts just at the swap meet.

This year I limited my discretionary spending to an old die-cast model of a vintage Mini Cooper (hey, I love all cars), and this one was a pretty unique 1:18-scale piece. It shows its age along with a few tiny scratches, but it has a ton of personality and for only fifteen bucks, it was just too hard to pass.

My '76 received lots of compliments from Corvette enthusiasts who stopped by to look at it, something that is always good to hear after spending lots of time and money on it. I also spent some time catching up with a friend who owns a 25th Anniversary Corvette. Good times.

This year—a neat item of interest to C3 lovers—was the dash plaque they gave registered show car owners as part of the goody bag you got when you signed up at the registration tent.

This year's Daytona Turkey Run grand prize was a 1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car, which was featured on the dash plaque. The car was won by Paul Holman of The Villages, Florida.

Stay tuned for upcoming photos and commentary of the 2017 NCRS show in Lakeland as well as the Spring Daytona Turkey Run.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dual Exhaust Crossover Pipe

Over a year ago I had a local muffler shop install a new dual exhaust, including Dynamax mufflers. They did a great and clean installation.



It is claimed by many that a dual exhaust increases horsepower (or at least overall performance) by reducing back pressure. Not sure if that's actually a correct assumption and, frankly, I did not notice any difference as far as performance was concerned.

If a dual exhaust does help performance, that is great, but a true dual exhaust can also create other less-desirable issues, as I was going to find out.

Enter Exhaust Wavelength Resonating Frequencies, and you can end up with an annoying drone as it happened in my case.

Between 1500 and 2500 RPM, there was this up and down reverberating drone that I noticed the moment I drove the car out of the muffler shop. I called the shop owner and he thought that an X-pipe would take care of the issue.

But, unfortunately, there is not enough room under a C3 Corvette to do this in a manner that it will keep the pipe tucked close enough to the underside in order to avoid hitting speed bumps or interfering with the emergency brake, for example.

So the solution to my dilemma, I hoped, was to have a crossover or "H" pipe installed, and I had the shop do exactly that.

Danny, one of the owners, managed to add the crossover pipe with the exhaust in place, which saved me time and money. As the photos below show, he fabbed the crossover from a piece of pipe of the same diameter and placed it right before the spare tire carrier, so it would be out of the way.

He then cut openings on each exhaust pipe with a plasma cutter and then prepped the area for welding.

The crossover pipe itself had to be reshaped a bit in order to prevent any exhaust fume leaks. When Danny was satisfied with the fit, he welded the crossover in place.

And this is the finished product. Out of the way of things and ready for duty.

But "did it work?" you ask.

Yes, it did.

The annoying drone is now a thing of the past, so at least for my application, this was the solution to this problem. There are, of course, countless things that can help create or aggravate a droning sound issue. Things such as exhaust pipe bends or even the type or brand of mufflers used can be a factor, so there are no guarantees that an X or crossover pipe will work for every situation.

But I was fortunate that this fix was the solution in my case.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cars & Coffee @ Gateway Classic Cars Orlando 9/24/2016

This morning I drove the Vette down to Lake Mary for the monthly Cars & Coffee at Gateway Classic Cars of Orlando.

Great attendance as usual and here are a few pics of today's event.